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Fantastic Review of Ruby Kingdom

Patricia Bow’s latest teen fiction The Ruby Kingdom received lots of praise from a fantastic review by the blogging family, Our Gaggle of Girls. Here’s a little bit of what they thought of the first book in the Mythrin Series! The second book The Prism Blade is expected to arrive sometime in the spring or early summer of 2007 so this is quite exciting!

The Ruby Kingdom“Patricia Bow packs a lot of action and interest into The Ruby Kingdom from the first chapter. My kids were quickly sucked in, and were annoyed when I wouldn’t read a second chapter. They were still talking about what had happened the next day, and waiting to see what would come next. This is especially great because a lot of fantasy as well as a lot of tween/YA/read-aloud books start slow. They end up great, but you have to push through the first chapter or two. In The Ruby Kingdom, you are drawn in right away.”Our Gaggle of Books

Definitely go check out the complete review for a very insightful perspective.

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