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Three Million Acres of Flame like walking into the 1800s

Our Gaggle of Girls has returned with a review of Valerie Sherrard’s most recent junior and teen fiction novel, Three Million Acres of Flame. It seems like the book made quite an impression:

Three Million Acres of Flame“Three Million Acres of Flame is a multi-faceted, intense read. While at first glance it looks like a “disaster book,” it really tells the story of a “normal” family living through extraordinary times. Sherrard doesn’t make her characters infallable, instead she breathes life into them as she shows Skye’s jealous streak, Tavish’s tenderness, and Stewart’s propensity for teasing as we follow a year of their lives. Using strong female and male characters to drive the story, the reader ends up learning about a compelling time in history as well as becoming invested in what happens next for each of the characters. It felt like I had walked into the 1800s and visited with friends.”

Make sure you read the full review!

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