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Self Condemned Has Been Set Free

We had so much fun with last year’s BookCrossing adventure, we decided to do it again this year (this decision has absolutely nothing to do with it being a gorgeous autumn Friday here in Toronto. Nothing. Ahem).

BookCrossing is an online community of booklovers and book-sharers. Members release books into the wild and give other members clues about where to find them — a bit like a booklover’s treasure hunt! Once a member finds a book, he or she visits the site, records the find, and enjoys the book. When done, he or she releases it into a new location and waits for another member to pick it up and take it some place new.

Self Condemned

Self Condemned against some stately ivy

This year, we wanted to release Self Condemned, a satirical look at wartime Canada by Wyndham Lewis, set in a fictionalized Toronto at a fictionalized UofT. So, I took a trip to the hallowed, ivy-strewn campus of the University of Toronto (or, to Wyndham Lewis, the University of “Momaco”) and found the perfect release spot for this book.

Will you go on the hunt for it? I can’t wait to see who finds it and where they take it — I’ll let you know once we learn where it goes. For our beloved blog readers, though, I’ll offer one more pictoral hint:

Self Condemned In the Ivy

Good luck, blog buddies!

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Established thirty-five years ago in 1972 by Kirk Howard, Dundurn Press Limited started primarily as a small publisher of Canadian history, military history, politics, current affairs, and biography. Since then Dundurn has expanded its original publishing mandate to include lavishly illustrated, well-researched art books dealing with respected painters such as Tom Thomson, Lawren Harris, Frederick Varley, and the female artists of the Beaver Hall Group in Montreal, as well as works on important Canadian cultural institutions such as the Canadian Opera Company, the Stratford Festival, and the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.


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