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A Romantic Tale for a Lonely Evening

9781550027853Valentine’s Day comes but once a year and what better way to spend it than alone by yourself with a good book? For those in the mood for romance of the less physical and more literary sort, The Postman’s Round by Denis Thériault offers a passionate love story set in the heart of Montreal (Canada’s most romantic city after Mississauga). The narrative surrounds a solitary postman named Bilodo and his heart’s desideratum, a fiery Guadeloupean intellectual whose mail Bilodo delivers and in whose life Bilodo has become entangled. However, Bilodo quickly finds that there’s more to desire than he ever would have imagined. With grace and deftness, Thériault evokes a lonely rote life abruptly thrown into love and crisis. The Postman’s Round is a humorous, beautiful, and masterfully rendered tale – perfect for those lonely nights.

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James Hatch is the Publicity Assistant at Dundurn Press. For more information, please visit: jameshatch.ca


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