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Author Interview with E.R. Brown

This week’s blog theme is British Columbia. We’re talking to authors from B.C., and we’ve got some B.C. authors who are writing blog posts for us too. Today’s blog post is an interview with E.R. Brown, author of the new release Almost Criminal. E.R. Brown is an award-winning advertising writer whose fiction has been [...]

Author Interview with Rick Blechta

Starting off our mystery week is an interview with Rick Blechta and his hot of the presses book The Fallen One. Rick tells us how he came up with the idea of this book, his new project and his most memorable response from a reader.
Caitlyn: How did you come up with the idea for [...]


This is supposed to be my last book review as an intern at Dundurn and reading 135 pages in a row of Unsolved True Canadian Cold Cases by Robert J. Hoshowsky isn’t the way I thought things would go down. Not the way I would have wanted to say goodbye.
Of course it’s outrageous to [...]

Featured This Week: True Crime

For those of you out there in the world who enjoy reading, or find interesting, books about true crime, you’re going to love us this week.
Why you might ask? Well because this week we’ve dedicated to our true crime books.
Some of our new releases included The Slaidburn Angel by M. Sheelagh Whittaker, The Nurses [...]

Q&A with Gordon G. Leek, author of Trust Me

Tell us about your book.
The book, Trust Me, Frauds, Schemes and Scams and How to Avoid Them, discusses the types of schemes that we face everyday. A lot of these tricks are not new, they have been around in one form or another for years, however, they keep resurfacing and re-inventing themselves and people fail [...]

Case Closed… for now

Well, Labour Day weekend is upon us, and the ceremonial end of summer has arrived. Students will be back in class next week, and “fun in the sun” will soon become a phrase of the past.
And it is with Labour Day that we bring “Dundurn’s Summer of Murder and Mayhem” to an official close. It’s [...]

In Search of a Fish

Author Lee Lamothe has drawn on his many years of experience researching and writing about crime to build the characters of his mystery novels. But there’s another part of Lee’s life that he draws on for inspiration…
In my first published novel – The Last Thief – an old Russian bandit and [...]