To have a comfortable and welcoming home, it needs to be a healthy and safe space for your family and friends. In older homes there might be the risk of asbestos and if this substance gets into the air it can be harmful to your health. Whether you're looking to buy luxury real estate or are doing renovations in your current home, here are some of the risks of asbestos exposure and how you can check whether or not it's in your home.

The amount that a person is affected by the presence of asbestos depends on a variety of factors. It needs to be present in the air and you need to look at the amount that you are exposed to the substance and the size of the fibers that you're inhaling. Some of the conditions that asbestos exposure is related to are asbestosis, which is a scarring of the lungs, lung cancer, and a rare cancer of the lining of the chest called mesothelioma. While you won't get these conditions from staying in a hotel in a third world country for a week in a room with asbestos, you might if you are living in a home where you are exposed for a long period.

When looking for this harmful substance in your home, or maybe in the real estate that you are thinking of buying, you should first look into the date that the building was constructed. There is a chance of the substance being used if construction was completed before 1980. If the home is older than from 1920 it is likely safe. This is going to be your most important clue in finding out whether or not there might be harmful products inside.

Asbestos was used in a variety of products used in home construction and isn't always the easiest thing to identify. You should examine the roofing materials, acoustic plaster, exterior cement siding, pipes, insulation, and vinyl tiles. You are generally looking for places where protection from fire or heat was needed. This could mean looking around fireplaces, the furnace, and the outdoors.

It is not possible to confirm that asbestos is for sure in a product within your home by sight alone. And, even if the substance is present, that doesn't mean that it's entering the air and is dangerous to your health. If you're concerned about buying a property or feel that there might be asbestos in your current home than the best thing you can do is to bring in a licensed home inspector. Professional inspectors like the team at a local home inspectors will be able to tell you if your health is in danger and, if harmful asbestos is found, will be able to tell you how to fix the problem. A special thanks to Cremation & Celebrations (Those you turn to when you need a cremation service or funeral home in London Ontario)

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