In a previous article in this series about mental health, we talked about stress and stress management as it occurs in kids and teenagers. Now, it is time to talk about ways to deal with stress that you can probably relate to much better, as it occurs within you, the adult.

We all have things that can add an incredible amount of stress to our lives. Everyday occurrences such as raising children and jobs can be stressful enough, without the addition of common things that can up our levels of stress even more. Often times with adults, their career can be a major source of stress. High responsibility or fast-paced jobs are often met with stressful situations daily.

High levels of stress, of course, can lead to all sorts of problems. These problems run the gamut from the emotional to the physical, and can be very damaging if left unaddressed for a long period of time. That's why learning to manage your stress can be incredibly important, so let's look at a few ways to do that.

Find someone to talk to. One of the biggest problems with adults is that we think we can deal with our stress all on our own, when what we really need is someone to bounce our problems off of. While many of us would like that person to be our spouse, the fact is that this can lead to even more stressful situations. It is best to find someone you can talk to outside of the routine that causes you stress in your every day life; a parent, good friend, sibling, a therapist.

Know your triggers. An important step in managing stress in your life is identifying the areas that tend to increase your stress level, and finding constructive ways to deal with them. For example, if you go to work everyday and are faced with difficult tasks that cause you a tremendous amount of stress, talk to your employer and try to develop some solutions.

Stay active. Although it may seem strange to suggest more activity to manage stress, the fact is that movement and activities can really take a person's mind off of the things that stress you out. Sports, exercise routines, learning, and so on will give you some space to relax, forgetting your problems and thereby decreasing your stress levels. If you cannot find the time to work out at a gym hire the help of a home personal trainer.

Those are just a few tips which can help you reduce the negative aspects of stress in your life. It's something we all deal with on a regular basis, so know that you are definitely not alone out there! Sometimes despite our best efforts we will still have a certain level of stress. When things become to difficult to deal with it may be time for you to consider time away at a cottage to relax and unwind. If a cottage weekend isn't what you are after, indulge yourself with a shopping spree or night out on the town.

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