We live in a strange world, one where although people are busier than ever before, we are also among the unhealthiest generations ever to live. Many medical professionals say that the reason for this is that, although we are busy, we are busy at desk jobs and other sit-around types of careers that don't call for a lot of activity. Moreover, with commuting and so on, there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to really get in some exercise. People are stuck for literally hours in traffic getting to their job. Add to the time issue the fact that most people don't feel like cooking and opt for quick high calorie meals, and you can see why our society is on a slippery slope, as far as personal levels of fitness are concerned.

Make no mistake, however; neglecting fitness now will only lead to problems later on in life. We're not just talking about eating habits here, either; our bodies are just like machines, and need to be kept in good working order. Experts say that if you are more than fifteen pounds heavier than you were in high school, odds are that you need to think about getting fitter.

The biggest obstacle to getting fit is not actually inconvenience, particularly when one considers time, but rather the lack of will power. The fact is, most of us have time to get a workout in, whether in the morning before work, during lunch or a coffee break, or once we get home. Here are some ideas to help get you onto that all-important track.

    Take a walk at break time. A good ten minute walk can start the calories burning, and boost your resting metabolism.

    Take the stairs whenever possible. Today's buildings are focused on convenience, but passing up the elevator can mean raising that heart rate just enough to burn some calories off. When looking at holidays, look for locations that might require some walking or stairs.

    Take a quick walk in the morning, and another one in the evening. If you have time to walk your kids to school, take advantage of it. Otherwise, try getting up ten minutes earlier and taking a quick walk; you can even fit your morning coffee and a muffin into the routine. Take the same route at night time.

    Set up a fitness machine in your recreation room. Most of us like to sit down and catch the latest episode of our favourite show after a busy day at work; why not do it while taking a run on your treadmill? There are lots of treadmills that come with built in television monitors, and you can even get some with DVD players!

    Remember, it is never too late to start getting back in shape, and little steps taken will end with miles walked. If walking is not your thing you would be surprised at how many calories you can burn by taking a deep in a pool. Swimming is good for your joints and feels great on a hot summer day. Contact Atlantispools.ca if you want a quote on pool installation in your own back yard!

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