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Today's busy lifestyle means that more parents than ever have to find someone to take care of their children while they go and earn a living. Mothers are rushing out the door to their jobs while fathers leave for their own job just to make ends meet, and if they have children who are still too young to take care of themselves, that means some kind of daycare option.

The most popular form of daycare, as far as numbers go, involves sending your children away to a separate building, one designed to facilitate the care of children. Run by certified professionals, these sites guarantee good care for your child. But, in this article, we will take a look at some of the advantages that home child care offers to busy parents and their children. From those who are forced to leave town for business to those who need some peace and quiet to work in their home office, home child care is becoming a more popular option.

First of all, let's define what home child care is. This term is used to define child minding that takes place in the child's own home, through the use of a nanny agency or other professional child care worker. The popularity of this option is on the rise, for the following reasons:

    It is not as expensive as you might think at first. When most people think nanny, rich people usually come to mind. However, hiring a nanny is not actually that much more expensive than having your child in a daycare; in some cases, it might actually be cheaper with all costs factored in. Daycares have become quite expensive, simply because they are so in demand and space is limited.

    Convenience. Nannies are very convenient. No more rush to get everyone ready in the morning; you have to get yourself out the door and that's it; your nanny will take care of the morning preparations for your offspring. Plus, you don't have to leave fifteen minutes earlier in order to drop your children off and then double back to work, which can be a huge relief if you're commuting everyday.

    There is a greater sense of comfort for the children. Home child care means comfort for your kids, because their surroundings won't change as much. They are being taken care of in their own environment by the same person who looks after them every day, rather than being taken to a strange building where usually a few different people will play active roles. Their routine can also remain consistent. If you're a mother who prefers cloth diapers you know they will be used with a nanny.

    Greater attention is paid to your children. Day cares are great, but none can really provide one-on-one care for your child. With home child care, your children are the only ones the child care provider needs to worry about, and they will thus receive undivided attention.

    Odds of catching illnesses are decreased. Let's face it, everyone knows catching bugs is part of having children. But, with exposure to fewer kids, your own children have less chance of getting the latest cold or flu!

Daycares are great, but there are many reasons to consider home child care as an option for you and your children. If you are contemplating starting your own home based daycare but need the space, a local contractor can refinish your basement and get you set up in no time!

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