We all want to live the happiest and best life possible and that usually means staying healthy and fit. If you're in shape you are able to do more things and will have less issues along the way. But for some people it's difficult to take care of their family, work full-time, and run errands everywhere in between. It can be a little overwhelming when you think about adding a daily trip to the gym into that equation. But there are many ways to make exercising worthwhile in the short term as well as the long. If you make it fun by attending classes at your local recreation centre you might find that all of a sudden it's not so hard to find the time to go. Here are some popular choices when it comes to community recreation classes.

One of the biggest exercise phenomenons over the past decade has definitely been yoga. Many people from expecting mothers to career women are finding a long list of benefits to this workout. You not only focus on all of the different major muscle groups in an average class, but you also can work at a variety of intensity levels. This makes yoga a perfect class for recreation centres, as people from all different exercise backgrounds can come together and create their own practice. If you and your mother both live in the same area you could attend a class together every week.

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Spin classes can also be great for those working at a variety of different levels. Most recreation centres are equipped with at least a few stationary bikes designed for this type of class and you can set the difficulty on the bike before starting. If it's your first class you'll get at much out of it as someone who has been attending for months. This is also a class that's usually offered early in the morning and during lunch breaks, as you can get a great workout in a short amount of time. By just leaving your home an hour earlier every weekday morning you could have a full workout done before even getting into the office.

Swimming can be a fun activity for the whole family to take part in together. This is a full body workout that might be a little more fun for some than working out with a machine. Most recreation centres will offer swimming lessons for students at all of the colour levels. You also might be able to find adult classes and times where you can just swim laps in the pool on your own.

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