Fitness is not just something you achieve by paying for the privilege of spending hours upon hours of every day in a climate controlled fitness establishment. It is a state of physical well-being that can be achieved by anyone, regardless of whether they have the multi-millions of dollars necessary to buy Toronto Annex real estate or they live in a cardboard box in an alleyway behind the local Kinko's. Muscle tone isn't developed by chemicals sprayed into the air in health spas, it comes from exercising, which you can do anywhere.

If you think you're special and different and you don't have time or opportunity to exercise, you're kidding yourself. Observe as we debunk all your excuses:

I Don't Have Time

If your schedule is completely jammed with work appointments, kids' activities, and looking after your house, you're right that you don't have spare time to devote entirely to exercise, but you're wrong if you think that means you can't do it at all. Work fitness into your day in a variety of small ways. If you're a realtor, driving all over the city to do showings of those lofts Toronto has so many of, take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you sit all day in a desk, buy a set of small weights to lift while you wait for files to load or documents to print. If you're stuck taking your kids to soccer practice, walk or jog laps around the field while they play.

I Can't Afford to Join a Gym

Some gyms have monthly fees that rival the mortgage payments for homes in Hudson Valley, but not all of them will break the bank. Phone all the gyms in your area to see if you can find a cheap one. If not, no big deal. Check the paper and local internet classifieds for cheap exercise equipment like weights or a stationary bike you can buy for a one time fee. You can even exercise if your budget is zero by going out for a jog, swimming at the community pool, or helping your friends move.

I'm Too Tired

If you live in Georgetown Ontario and work in Toronto and are completely drained at the end of the day by your commute, sleeping isn't your only option if you want to feel refreshed. Exercise gets your blood moving and releases pleasure endorphins that can give you a second wind to face the evening.

I Don't Feel Up To It

If you're serious about getting fit even the inability to leave your bed can't stop you. Complete paralysis is the only thing that can do that, so if you have even some control over your arms you can still be fit. Your fitness regime can begin with a simple activity like walking around the block or lifting your legs while watching television and progress to more vigorous exercises like sit-ups depending on your mobility. People who have gotten too large to leave their beds can even have a friend install a bar over their bed for pull-ups or follow along to an exercise tape as best they can from their position. Pretty soon you'll have lost enough weight or gained enough strength to go look at that oceanfront property for sale you've had your eye on.

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