Today there are more things to worry about in our environment than any other generation to date. Climate change and environmental pollution including air, water and soil toxins are just a few of the concerns that individuals may have. Your geographic location can have a large impact on how safe or how at risk you feel in your neighborhood. The risk factors change from city to city and even between neighborhoods in the same city. The same can be said about the various places of work in a given area. Some buildings have better ventilation and air circulation than others.

Most communities across the developed world have safe and clean drinking water, yet filtering the tap water can remove any trace elements that are not removed at the water treatment plant. Many families choose to forgo the tap water altogether and consume bottled water instead. There are many ways to take the safe route when it comes to the environmental concerns you may have, and this series of articles will deal with these options as well as looking at the many ways your lifestyle can effect your health.

Many newer buildings and residences are 'green', or environmentally friendly, since the engineers and designers have taken environmental concerns into account when designing and erecting these structures. They come equipped with solar panels for additional energy, and are insulated with the most high tech fibers that are safe for the planet. Many condos, for instance are built with giant windows to allow natural light into your home and cut down on electrical lighting needs. Not only is this a practical solution to cutting down costs, but the view is spectacular!

A home with solar panels.

Shopping around for different builders, and different residences can be beneficial if you have specific environmental or health concerns about the property. You should never settle for a house that you are unhappy with. The articles in this series will also look at the newest trends in green building, as well as what you can do to make sure that an older home is safe and free from any pesticides or toxins that may have been used in the landscaping or building process. The majority of older residences have been examined for such toxins as building regulations have developed, but for your own peace of mind, it never hurts to double-check.

The weather trends in a given area may also prompt health concerns. If the climate is cold, you are at greater risk for ice storms and blizzards in the winter months, whereas if you live in the South, the stifling summer heat and humidity will be your main concern as far as the forecast goes. Deciding what type of climate you and your family are best suited for can lead to a much happier standard of living.

Whether you are happily established in your community, or planning to move the articles in this series will open your eyes to the many issues involved with healthy living and dealing with the many environmental concerns in today's world.

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